The Best of Crete

The Best of Crete

Video from our trip to Crete

11 days, 2500km

02:00 Balos beach
02:58 Red Beach
03:00 Matala
03:36 Lerapetra
03:53 Sitia
04:18 Agiofarago beach
04:37 Agios Nikolaos
04:58 Agiofarago beach
05:50 Zaros
06:09 Samaria gorge
07:17 Loutro
07:37 Knossos
07:54 Acqua plus water park
08:12 Heraklion
08:26 Elafonisi beach
09:24 Preveli Palm beach
09:50 Rethymno
ten:21 Agios Nikolaos
10:53 Malia beach

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13 thoughts on “The Best of Crete”

  1. Nice job!! Congrats! 🙂 Please, visit my channel and look my last video! Much love and good vibes always :)

  2. Best place I visit since I'm born and I never fell so happy, curious about what surrounded me and adventurous than during this trip.

  3. Very nice, very nice. Tomorrow I teach a class on the Minoans but wanted the students to have an idea of the island itself. Beautiful music to go with beautiful shots!!!

  4. "11 days, 2500km"
    I completely understand you! We made ~2200 km in 8 days two times, total ~4400 km we run around Crete and it's not enough for sure! It's amazing land, we love it so much! Once you come there, you wanna go back over and over again.

  5. Thank you for charing wonderful memories.
    Crete is a beautiful island with beautiful people

  6. Great footage and good song choice! I can see you have put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows with what you have created! What camera did you use by the way?

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