The best islands of the Cyclades, Greece

Naxos City port

There are so many islands to choose from in the Cyclades, so much beauty and so much potential experience. The truth is, unless you’re willing to visit each individual island one after the other, you will not get the most out of your Cycladic adventure. Something you can hope for, however, is a truly inspiring trip. Here is an informed collection of some truly wonderful islands that will ensure you get the very most out of this amazing part of the world.


Naxos is a large and beautiful Island, bustling and alive with travellers. Among the larger, busier islands in the Cycladic, Naxos is a definite favourite. Although it is too developed in parts, while filled with tourism during the peak summer months, it has managed to retain a truly Aegean feel. The town offers a great deal of variety, whether you want music, people and life, or a quiet meal by the sea. Out of town, the scenery and landscapes are fantastic, and the beaches are longer and sandier than anything you’ll find on any other island! What’s more, travel far enough and you’ll find some really great free-camping beaches scattered across the island.

Naxos City port
Naxos City port


A dramatic, mountainous, magical island, relatively untouched by the tourism which has regrettably tarnished some of the other Cycladic islands, Amorgos is filled with an atmosphere like no other. The port is a wonderful little place filled with a unique energy. The harbour is lined with fishing boats, sailboats, local markets and traditional cafes and after a few days you start to feel more at one with the world than ever before. The capital village, Chora is built on a mountainside, boasting a typically Cycladic beauty that will take your breath way. The rocky and dry landscapes stretching out into the infinite water creates a feeling entirely unique to the island.


Antiparos is a small island just an hour away from Paros. As a much smaller island this makes for a nice alternative to the swarms of tourists that occupy Paros each summer. While it remains lively and exciting, this wondrous little place also offers an unmatched tranquillity. You can walk out to an empty beach for a day of swimming in the clear blue waters on your own, before walking back to the town for a lovely evening by the port.



Dounousa is a pretty little island north of Naxos. The main town is nice, packed with the typical white-washed, flat-topped houses, hidden passageways, some delicious tavernas, and a jazz bar. The real beauty, however, lies just ten minutes from the town, in the neighbouring bay, hidden by a mountain, a beautiful sandy beach known for having the clearest and cleanest water in Greece. On and behind the beach you can see at least a hundred tents scattered all over the bay, camping and enjoying the sea, the sun and the sand.

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