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Best beaches in Greek islands


This was the first Greek Island I visited many years ago . As with a lot of Greek islands a good many of the beaches were actually made up of stones or pebbles . Continue reading “Best beaches in Greek islands” »

Best beaches in Greece: Santorini Caldera perfect for romantic travellers

There is no doubt that Greece has the most wonderfull waters of the world, the aegean sea is the king and the ionian the prince, from Zakynthos with the lighting blue to the Santorini with the magical sunset and Lefkada with the European famous porto katsiki beach one of the best beaches of the world. But if you are the type of the romantic traveller, the option is one and dedicated to the lovers. Continue reading “Best beaches in Greece: Santorini Caldera perfect for romantic travellers” »

Lefkada Beaches

Lefkada Beaches: Egremni, Pefkoulia, Agios Nikitas, Milos, Porto Katsiki, Kevalikefta, Magali Petra, Kathisma, Mili, Vasiliki, Nidri. Continue reading “Lefkada Beaches” »