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Greek Island Holidays – over two thousand islands to choose from

Greece arguably offers the widest choice of vacation anywhere in the Mediterranean, if not the world.  Apart from the mainland, there are over two thousand islands to choose from although a large proportion of these are only accessible by sea. Continue reading “Greek Island Holidays – over two thousand islands to choose from” »

Things to do in Ios, Greece

Ios is an island in the southern Cyclades cluster, well-known for its lively atmosphere, energetic lifestyle and has a reputation for being one of the hotspots for the young who desire endless partying. Yet there are still parts of the island ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful haven to relax in. There are many attractive beaches, and interesting places to visit and while offering a variety of activities to participate in, Ios caters for all types of visitors. Continue reading “Things to do in Ios, Greece” »

Greece for a great family vacation

Greece really can be a great family destination has it has such variety and is so diverse . You will however need to research your choice of holiday destination and also check out the best times to visit . Continue reading “Greece for a great family vacation” »