Rhodes Holidays – the island of the sun and the island of the knights

Rhodes is another beautiful island of Greece which belongs to the Dodecanese islands, between the Aegean and Mediterranean sea. It is also known as the island of the sun and the island of the knights. Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece with a very long history which starts from the ancient years and lasts since our days. It is the largest island of all in the cluster and capital of Dodecanese prefecture.
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Dodecanese Holidays: Patmos, Lipsi and Agathonissi

Unspoilt beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque white villages around every corner in the most northerly islands of the Greek Dodecanese islands

Most travellers to the group of Greek islands called the Dodecanese head to the well-developed islands of Rhodes or Kos. But the other less famous islands are worth a visit especially for those who are seeking a more tranquil type of holiday.
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Best beaches in Greek islands