Greek Island Holidays – over two thousand islands to choose from

Santorini Holidays – an experience you will never forget

Most Greeks believe that Santorini is the most magnificent island of all. Massive numbers of people visit this island every year in order to see the waterlogged caldera, the epicenter of what is commonly thought to have been the largest volcanic eruption ever. If you wish to take in the full splendor of the caldera, you should make a point of arriving by slow ferry.

Santorini is the one island I would recommend to those people who intend to explore Greece. However, if you do visit be prepared for unstoppable numbers of tourists. Many tourist book villas in Santorini for longer stay. If possible, you should visit this island off-season. I advise you to bring warm clothing if you visit during any season but high summer, because there is often a chill wind called a meltemi that is specific to the Cyclades.
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Paros, Greece Holidays: visiting a traditional Greek island

The best islands of the Cyclades, Greece

There are so many islands to choose from in the Cyclades, so much beauty and so much potential experience. The truth is, unless you're willing to visit each individual island one after the other, you will not get the most out of your Cycladic adventure. Something you can hope for, however, is a truly inspiring trip. Here is an informed collection of some truly wonderful islands that will ensure you get the very most out of this amazing part of the world.
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Koufonisia Islands, Greece – Paradise on Earth