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Best mountain destinations in Greece

The mountains of Greece offer a number of fantastic places to visit, especially in the winter, when the temperature is just that little bit too low for swimming and soaking in the rays. As a country, the landscape of the Greek mainland is spectacular. With its awe-inducing and dramatic scenery, dense forests, archaeological wonders and rich history, visitors can get the most out the true beauty of a country, and the soul of its land.
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Stalis – popular resort on the east of Crete

Stalis is a very popular resort on the east of Crete, just past Hersonissos and 50 minutes drive from heraklion airport.

Stalis is a resort popular with the Irish and many have ended up settling in the small town and opening bars such as Dwyers and Slainte.
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Gerani, Crete – unspoilt and is worth wandering

Gortyn – largest and one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete

The largest and one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete. The remains of the former capital city of the Roman province of Crete and Cyrene (Libya) are strewn across 420 hectares - more than 1,000 acres - of the fertile Messara plain.
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Kalives, Crete – a charming village on Drapano Peninsula

The attractive and sizeable village of Kalives on the northern side of the peninsula has the usual array of tourist shops clinging to the seafront. Among the more unusual is a cooper’s workshop, making traditional iron-bound barrels, some of the smaller examples of which are sold as souvenirs in adjoining wine shop
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Elafonisi Island, Crete

A small island  off the west coast is joined to the body of Crete by a shallow reef some 800m long. This is easy to cross when the weather is calm. In calm weather it is hard to imagine the frightful waves which the south wind can whip up – some of the fiercest in the Mediterranean.
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Agia Galini, Crete South Coast – nothing but tavernas, bars, gift shops and rooms to rent

The village of Agia Galini sprang up about a century ago on the site of an abandoned Roman port. It is a pleasant enough place, the hotels and houses almost tumble down the steep road that leads to the harbour. In places, there are houses that appear to be in imminent peril of literally tumbling down a 40m cliff – tellingly, they seem to be uninhabited.
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Lassithi, Crete – excellent wines and whitewashed windmills

Paleochora, Crete – excellent sandy beaches