Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos – Naturists Enjoy Curving Sandy Bay

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Naturists and Gays Enjoy Curving Sandy Bay on Popular Greek Island.  Super-Paradise Beach lies beneath a craggy rocky skyline on the south coast of the Greek island of Mykonos.

Visitors to Super-Paradise Beach soon get used to the sight of people swimming and sunbathing bare as the western end is popular with naturists of both sexes and also gays.

On Super-Paradise Beach

About 300 yards long, Super-Paradise Beach curves round a bay fringed by a few trees and backed by bare sandy-coloured hillsides.

The hills are dotted with cube-like blue and white houses – some gleaming white, some only half built.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos
Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Sun-beds and Bars on Super-Paradise Beach

Rows of sun-beds under large straw sun-umbrellas stretch along the sand. Two beds side-by-side cost about 12 euros for a day.

Around Super-Paradise Beach are two smart beach-bars serving snacks, meals and drinks. After dark these become nightclubs which stay open into the early hours. The last bus back to Mykonos Town leaves as late as 3am.

Getting to Super-Paradise Beach from Mykonos Town

To get to Super-Paradise Beach, visitors can hire a taxi or drive themselves by hired car, quad bike or moped though most travel by bus to Paradise Beach and then catch a ferry on from there.

This is certainly the most entertaining way to get to Super-Paradise Beach.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Bus from Mykonos Town to Paradise Beach

While waiting at the bus station in Mykonos Town, there is always plenty to watch as it is jammed into a tiny crowded square where the buses reverse rather alarmingly through vehicles and pedestrians to get into position side-by-side with only inches between them.

The buses, which run every 30 minutes at peak times, are invariably crowded with passengers ranging from scantily dressed sun-worshippers to elderly Greek ladies struggling with heavy bags of shopping. The journey, along very narrow twisting roads, takes about 15 minutes. Tickets have to be bought in advance from the tobacco shop beside the bus station.

Ferry From Paradise Beach to Super-Paradise Beach

From Paradise Beach, small blue and white open ferry boats sail eastwards past headlands to Super-Paradise Beach and then further on to Elia, another sandy beach.

To get on and off the boats, passengers have to clamber up or down a short ladder attached to the bow.
On Super-Paradise Beach

Arriving by boat at Super-Paradise Beach, the naturist/gay area is at the west end to the left. On the clifftop just beyond it, a small café-bar beats out music as also do the other bars behind the beach. Consequently many people prefer to avoid the sun-loungers midway between them because of the competing music.

Lying in the sun on Super-Paradise Beach, there is always plenty to watch – from the occasional aircraft flying in and out of Mykonos Airport just beyond the cliffs at the west end to the variety of people, some bare, others in swimwear, enjoying the beach and crystal clear sea which is at its warmest in August.
Super-Paradise and More Beaches for Naturist Holidays

Super-Paradise is rated as the best beach on Mykonos for sunworshippers.

Another Greek naturist beach is on the island of Skyros. Close to Skyros Town, it is a wide 1/4-mile stretch of sand at the foot of cliffs.

For a full-on naturist holiday, nowhere compares with Cap d’Agde, the town-sized naturist resort, in southwest France. Or for a gentler naturist holiday, further south on the same coast, the naturist villages at Port Leucate cater for families.

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