Summer Holidays in Kefalonia, Greece


Kefalonia is an ideal paradise island for a summer holiday. Discover the main sights, breathtaking views and crystal clear beaches of this Greek island.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and makes for a perfect summer holiday for families and couples, who want a warm vacation in Greece. This island is absolutely stunning, due to its vast array of picturesque, crystal clear beaches, breathtaking scenery and must-see sights. It’s no wonder that Kefalonia became so popular with tourists after the release of the film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, which was filmed in Kefalonia and captured the true beauty of this incredible mountainous island.


Myrtos Bay

Myrtos Bay is one of the most breathtaking views you could ever wish to see. It is an enclosed bay surrounded by high cliff tops, white shingles and sand, finished with crystal clear turquoise waters. There is a specific point where you can stop and take incredible photographs, before proceeding down the winding road that leads you to the bay waters. Myrtos Bay is known for its waves and strong current so take extra care, particularly when travelling here with children. Just viewing this spectacular bay from high above is what makes it one of the most photographed places in Greece, so don’t worry if you don’t get down to the water.

Kefalonia Island, Mirtos beach
Kefalonia Island, Mirtos beach

Lassi Resort and Argostoli

Lassi resort is an ideal location when staying in Kefalonia. The resort boasts a superb selection of hotels, amazing sandy beaches and sea view restaurants. It’s the closest resort from the airport and also very close to Argostoli, the capital centre of Kefalonia. This makes it easy to venture into the town centre at night to sample some amazing traditional Greek food, stroll around the shops and soak up the local entertainment in the town square.

You can also walk along the waterfront and watch the ferry boats glide by. If an ideal holiday for you means relaxing on some stunning beaches, then look no further than Platis Yalos and Makris Yalos. The crystal clear waters and sandy shores allow for hours of pure relaxation. Makris Yalos also provides a range of water sports activities. I would personally recommend the hotel Irilena, as it is a family run hotel, superbly clean, friendly, comfortable and within walking distance from the beaches and vast selection of restaurants along the main Lassi road.

The area of Skala, located near the southern tip of Kefalonia, is also a popular location for tourists. It is a highly developed tourist resort with many modern hotels and long, beautiful flat coastal strip beaches. Scuba diving is a popular activity here in Skala.

Melissani Lake and the Drogarati Caves

The Melissani Lake and the Drogarati Caves are both must see sights when visiting Kefalonia. They are close to one another so can be arranged to view on the same day. Melissani Lake is a breathtaking lake that lies under a mountain. It was discovered after an earthquake, when the mountaintop cracked and revealed these stunning waters underneath.

Today, this is a popular sightseeing attraction, as tourists are taken by boat and tour guide around the lake, which is surrounded by the high mountain rocks. The lakes water colours change constantly as the sunlight beams in from the opening in the rocks high above, changing it from blues, greens and turquoise. The Drogarati Caves consist of two chambers, sloped corridors and amazing stalactites, which hang from the caves structure. These caves are simply stunning and are a must see experience when in Kefalonia. They are also extremely cool in temperature so highly recommended on a hot summer’s day!

Fiskardo and Assos

Fiskardo is located in the far north of Kefalonia and is a picturesque fishing village, which is extremely popular with the rich and famous. Fiskardo boasts some of the most amazing houses on the whole island, both old and modern structures, and many are owned by famous actors and celebrities. The most magnificent yachts can be seen lining the harbour and it’s advised to sample some of the vast variety of fresh fish in the local sea front tavernas. Be sure to also sample a range of local produced wine, as they are some of the finest in Greece.

Kefalonia, Assos
Kefalonia, Assos

Assos is a truly beautiful village that still contains the true ancient character of the island. Assos consists of two beautiful bays, which can be viewed from afar when travelling around nearby parts of the island. The locals are very welcoming and are always happy to share their knowledge and experiences with visitors.

Lixouri and Ithaki

If you enjoy short boat trips, then look no further than Lixouri and Ithaki. Lixouri is the second largest town in Kefalonia, consisting of a lovely square of coffee bars, more stunning beaches and unspoilt walkways. Regular ferryboats cross to Lixouri from Argostoli making this an ideal short afternoon trip.

Ithaki is the sister island of Kefalonia and is an ideal day trip away. Ithaki consists of charming and traditional villages and captures the unspoiled traditions of true Greece. The beautiful beaches and coves only add to the stunning scenery during the boat trip.

Kefalonia is an ideal summer holiday destination, due to its vast amount of breathtaking beaches and coves, mountainous scenery and unbelievable sights. The amazing views of Myrtos Bay, the relaxing guided boat tour of Melissani Lake, the stunning Drogarati Caves and the picturesque fishing village of Fiskardo are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful sights you could ever dream of seeing on your summer holiday. Kefalonia is a true Greek island paradise!

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