Skyros island, Greece

Skyros island, Greece

Skyros is a great, largely forgotten island in Greece off the coast of Evia. This is the video in Greek. The English version will quickly be uploaded. Courtesy of the Municipality of Skyros.

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3 thoughts on “Skyros island, Greece”

  1. People from the small islands of Ellada are inbred. skyros is ruined by a lack of wealth, education and the tourist influence. 

  2. I don;t like seeing Americans in Europe, they really do stand out, when u look at them, each one of them looks ugly and mean! big mouths and shit!

  3. Hi,

    I am getting married in Skyros Island and would love to provide your link in English to my guest that are coming from abroad. The link above is in Greece but if you have one in Enlish would be great. You may email me at


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