Santorini Vacation Travel Guide

Santorini Vacation Travel Guide – Travel Greece 2015

The island of Santorini has a pretty explosive past. It is perched more than the remains of a significantly larger land mass that sank nearly 4,000 years ago when a volcano blew its prime, leaving the blue caldera and steep cliffs behind. Luxury hotels and villas in Santorini are perfect for family holidays.

It is these cliffs and the flooded caldera that have become Santorini’s iconic calling card, and the initial stop on your Santorini tour. Here’s your initial bit of trivia: The whitewashed properties that appear on so a lot of postcards and photographs are larger than they seem on the outside. They’re partially constructed into current cliffside caves, and feature some of the most distinctive Mediterranean architecture you will ever see.

Santorini sightseeing will no doubt bring you up the stairs and pathways to the blue-domed churches that stand guard over the island. From there, you can take in the exquisite view of the caldera and harbor beneath. If you get a tiny weary of the spectacular sights, don’t worry there’s a lot of issues to do in addition to wander the various clifftop towns. If you head down to water level, you can soak in the warm surf, discover Santorini’s a lot of beaches, go for a drive along winding roads, or go on a fishing expedition from a single of the harbors.

At the finish of the day, gather with the residents and visitors atop the cliff towns and watch the sun drop into the ocean. You will never ever see a view quite like it.

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