Delphi, Greece – one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots

Paros, Greece Holidays: visiting a traditional Greek island

Tourist Guide to Santorini

Things to do in Hydra, Greece

Strolling around the picturesque cobbled stone paths and roads of Hydra Town, the capital of the Greek holiday destination of the island of Hydra it is easy to plan your vacation to Hydra and think that you have slipped back into a time warp.  For with cars being prohibited, donkeys are used for transportation so in many ways the traveller is stepping back into a time that is less hurried and stressful.
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Zakynthos, beautiful Greek Ionian island with lovely, sandy beaches

3 Star Cheap Accommodation Deals in Corfu

Is it possible to find cheap accommodation Corfu, Greece? The answer to that question will hinge upon how hard you look. There are certainly many inexpensively priced hotel and travel accommodations available. A common error that people make is they will book their hotels or rentals without really performing any comparison shopping. Such an approach certainly undermines the ability to find cheap deals. Rather that find yourself in such a boat, it would be far better to be a little more deliberate in your approach to locating a hotel or other rental.
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Philippion Hotel Santorini

The twenty units built in 1998 in the Cycladic arcitectural style, offer a traditional atmospere with the comforts of a modern apartment. Enjoy the panoramicview and the sunset from the cafe restaurant and a pleasant and relaxing time at the swiming pool.
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Island hopping in Greece

Island hopping the Greek Islands can be an entertaining, enjoyable, fun and rewarding holiday. It is suitable for all ages but would need to be adapted for the less able-bodied. The cost can be reasonable and the possibilities are endless. Here is some advice on Island hopping in Greece for the novice.
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Armeni Village Santorini

Aigialos Hotel Santorini