Nude beaches in Greece

Nude beaches in Greece

Going topless is a totally acceptable fashion in all the beaches in Greece, and with 13, 676 kilometers of coastline, the possibilities of finding one you like is broad. Then again, I can’t imagine somebody not liking all the Greek beaches.

Most beaches in Athens, for example, are in the south east coast, in the district of Llyfady, but most are private and you need to pay a fee to enjoy it.

For those who got really happy about the topless fashion, there are several Nude beaches in Greece, two of them in the Island of Mykonos: Elia and Mykonos. There is another one in Karphatos named Votsalakia. There are also hundreds of kilometers of virgin beaches were you can go nude if shyness keeps you from joining others wearing the same outfit.

Every Island in Greece has its own charm and beaches, so wherever you decide to spend your vacation, or if you will take a tour throughout the whole area, almost from every point in the island you can see the breathtaking ocean and a beach to go with it.

The beach of Papa on Ios Island is the one I know, because of the closeness to where we stayed. It is a beautifully beach with umbrellas and service, many hotels and lots of fun and action. Great for when you are young, I was in my honey moon there, many years ago, and we stayed in the beach pretty much all day. But flying down I could see the amazing view offered to a person who has lived in a city most of her life.

Greece is definitely a place to visit, and if you love beaches, ancient ruins, history, music, good wine and excellent food, the islands should be in your list of places to visit in this life.


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