Nisyros Island, Greece

Nisyros Island, Greece

Nisyros Island – Mandraki, Panagia Spiliani monastery, Nikia, Emporeios, Paloi, Profitis Ilias church, Volcano creater Stefanos, Pachia Ammos beach

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16 thoughts on “Nisyros Island, Greece”

  1. According to legend, Nisyros was formed when Poseidon picked up a rock and threw it onto the giant Polybotes to stop him escaping from Kos.

  2. Greece is magnificent! The Mediterranean region makes you think about what the idea of "Quality of Life" really means.

  3. thank you for this video,,, I would like to know the first Singer,,, and song,, also fantastic, I miss a lot  greece,,, 
    from buenos aires,, Argentina

  4. 1 was there about 30 yrs has changed so much, even the volcano. That is so more active than it was. I have just learned that it is the biggest hypothermic volcano in the world.I know it is now monitored, but it could be disastrous. It was so beautiful then .  I love greece, have been there many times, and I will be going back next year to various parts of greece.. After 18 years away it will  all be  be changed. Should I just keep my memories?
    Thank you Robert for all your wonderful videos.

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