Naxos Holidays – the biggest island of the Cyclades archipelago

Naxos City port

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades archipelago. It enjoys everything that Greece is famous for. Beautiful beaches, rich history, great weather, intense nightlife, and activities that offer tourists unforgettable experiences and memories. Thousands of people from all over the world choose this amazing island for their holidays. Surely, they must know something. This guide will present the most important things to know about a visit to Naxos.

Getting there and around.

Naxos is easily accessible by air and sea. There are daily flights from Athens and Thessalonica. Ferries sail from the port of Piraeus and the voyage lasts 4 to 5 hours. The best way to explore the island is by car or bike. There are numerous rental agencies and a sedan or a small 4WD cost $30 to $40. If anyone does not wish to rent a car, he can get around with the local buses. There are frequent routes to all the beaches and towns.

Naxos City port
Naxos City port

Beaches and sights.

Naxos offers dozens of beaches, which are all beautiful and blessed with clear, turquoise waters. The most popular are Agia Anna, Panormos, and Psili Ammos. The southern beaches are ideal for wind surfing and sailing.

The island is full of ancient temples and settlements. The most known in the city of Naxos (Xora) is the Portara, which is the gate of the temple of Apollo and it is the trademark of the island. Interesting sights are also the ancient quarries of the famous local white marble.
Besides Xora there are numerous picturesque villages that worth a visit, especially for tasting the traditional local cuisine.

Naxos, Apollonas
Naxos, Apollonas

Dining and nightlife.

Of course, everyone knows that the Greek cuisine is amazing. Besides the famous dishes (mousakas, tzatziki, souvlaki, gyros, fresh fish and seafood to name a few) a tourist must try the local recipes. The best options are rooster, lobster pasta, lamb, mussels, and cheese pie. There are numerous restaurants in Xora, but the best are located in the fishing villages all around the island. A full meal costs $20 per person, including a bottle of ouzo, or wine.

Nightlife in Naxos is amazing. There are hundreds of cafes, bars, nightclubs, and beach bars everywhere. Beers cost $5 and hard drinks $10 ($12 in nightclubs). A traveler should know that Greeks go out for dinner after 9pm. Then they go to a café or a bar until 1-2am, and finally to a nightclub until dawn. And the tourists seem to enjoy it since they all adapt to the Greek way of entertainment.

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