Like a Bird (in Thessaloniki Greece)

Like a Bird (in Thessaloniki Greece)

Our initial aerial showreel!!

At the following hyperlinks you can see the precise locations on the video.
:00 – 1:01 Ship wreck and birds
1:01 – 1:07 Thermi
1:07 – 1:19 Thessalonikis – N. Moudanion motorway
1:19 – 1:45 White tower (trademark developing of Thessaloniki)
1:45 – 1:51 Next to the city’s music hall
1:51 – two:15 Old city walls
2:15 – two:22 Low flight at the EOT’s abandoned camping facilities
two:22 – two:33 Aretsou’s yacht and sailing port
two:33 – two:59 Abandoned train vehicles (some tracks in use)
two:59 – three:02 About the white tower
3:02 – 3:06 City’s music hall and a cyclist next to it
three:11 – 3:15 EOT’s abandoned camping facilities
three:15 – 3:18 Thermi’s dam
3:24 – 3:36 Aristotelous square

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7 thoughts on “Like a Bird (in Thessaloniki Greece)”

  1. i was there last december.. what a beautiful city.. felt like my 2nd home 🙂
    take me back to thessaloniki

  2. Hello. I am looking for someone from Can my company use the still aerial photo of Thessaloniki tower with water in the background for promotion of our educational program at American College of Thessaloniki. You can see details of the company I work with at: We are adding a study program in Greece this summer, and would love to be able to attract students from the Thessaloniki using this photo. Can we use it copyright-free? – Cathy Shafran

  3. selanik is the birth place of atatürk. he had a vision of a modern turkey. now we must deal with maniacs like erdogan. turks who are for secularism are not the enemy of greece. i hope the greeks get rid off corruption and nepotism and fix their situation.

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