Kea Island Holidays – marvellous beaches and interesting places to visit

Kea Island, Greece

The Greek island of Kea in the Cyclades group of islands is for those who like their Greek holidays ‘Greek’ with plenty of tradition and atmosphere, marvellous beaches and interesting places to visit.

Kea is less commercialized than other Greek islands such as Mykonos or Ios. For many holiday-makers wanting to get away from the glare of bright lights and the beat of disco music this is a big bonus. Not every one who wants a Greek holiday wants to boogie the night and day away in an alcoholic haze.

What Kea lacks in modern day sophistication it gains much more in old world Greek charm. and tradition and this is its appeal. Nevertheless, the island is growing increasingly more commercial as tour operators and investors seek out ever new resorts to develop and invest in.

Ioulida, Kea Island
Ioulida, Kea Island


Kea is one of the greenest of the Cyclades islands with generally a mild, dry climate. If you do venture into the mountains it is advisable to take something warm.

Winters are quite temperate with temperatures not usually dropping below 8 degrees Celsius. Spring is mild and pleasant and the island is blessed with the blooming of multitudes of flowers transforming Kea into a floral paradise.

In summer temperatures are generally between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius with warm sunny days. In Autumn the climate is comfortable with temperatures ranging roughly between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius


Those visitors who enjoy swimming or sunbathing will be delighted. Many of the beaches are sandy and golden and shaded by tamarisk trees. The seas are marvellously clear and refreshing. Whether you like to swim or just lounge in the shallows allowing the gentle waves to wash over you it is very therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Kea Island, Greece
Kea Island, Greece

Some of the popular beaches have snack bars and cafes while others such as Mavrambeli and Xyla are less commercial and you may need to take your own refreshments or packed lunch.

Near the port of Korssia on the northwest part of Kea Melissaki, Otzias, Gialiskari, Mavrambeli and. Xyla are well favoured. On the southwest of the island there are some marvellous beaches such as Kastelakia, Lygia, Liparo, Koundouros and Pisses.

There are many good beaches all around the island that can be reached by public transport and some can only be reached only by boat.

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