Kalymnos, Greece: Climbing Vacation or Beach Holidays

Kalymnos port

Traveling to Kalymnos, Greece? Here is some helpful information for people who are planning a beach holiday or climbing vacation to this Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

For those planning a Greek island vacation or climbing trip to Kalymnos, here is some key information about trip planning and vacationing on the island. Topics covered include when to visit this Greek island, getting to Kalymnos, where to stay on the island, eating on Kalymnos, and where to find Internet access.


When to Visit Kalymnos, Greece

The best time to visit depends on the traveler’s priorities. For a European beach vacation, the season starts in May and ends in September. Most of the real beach action doesn’t pick up until the end of May. Around that time, the beach bars and beachgoer services put the finishing touches on their businesses and open up the doors to serve.

For a rock climbing vacation, October and March offer better temps and fewer crowds than some of the more popular months. December through February tend to be too cold. April, May, September, and November are also fine options for rock climbing, depending on the climber’s preference for climbing in sun vs. shade, as well as crowds vs. fewer people and overall temperature outside.

Getting to this Greek Island in the Aegean

Travelers to Kalymnos usually book a flight to Athens. From Athens, there are two main options. One is booking a flight to the island of Kos. From the airport in Kos, travelers can hire a taxi driver to take them to the pier. From there, a ferry or boat goes to Kalymnos for a moderate fee. A second option is to book a flight on Olympic Airlines directly from Athens to Kalymnos.

Kalymnos port
Kalymnos port

Where to Stay on Kalymnos: Studios in Greece

The Municipality of Kalymnos has a helpful “Find Accommodation” button on the lower right side of the page. One of Kalymnos’ most common lodging situations is the studio. A studio usually includes at least two single beds, a balcony, a private bathroom, and a mini kitchen complete with a hot plate, sink, refrigerator, and cooking utensils. Studios are cleaned every few days.

Studio prices vary according to season, with prices being lower in the off-season (October through April). Though the government sets prices for studios in Greece, negotiating a price via phone or email is possible before arriving. The people are very honest and will stick to whatever agreement is made. Prices can be as low as €15/night for two people, or as high as €40/night for two, depending on the accommodation selected and time of visit.

Eating on Kalymnos

Finding hearty meals is no problem on Kalymnos during the beach tourism season, when restaurants serving up Greek specialties abound. Lamb and goat dishes are common, as well as a plentitude of seafood offerings that usually include squid and octopus. Island-made goat cheeses and breads, plus salads, are also the norm. Entrees cost anywhere from €8 to €20.

Grocery stores also have a decent, if somewhat limited, selection of food for those who wish to prepare meals in their studios.

Internet Access on Kalymnos

Staying in touch with the outside world is easy on Kalymnos. The port city of Pothia has a number of Internet cafés to which people can bring their own computers or use a café computer for a small fee. The town around which the climbing is centered in Kalymnos, Massouri, also has a number of Internet cafés. In addition, the Fatolitis Snack Bar in Massouri has wireless Internet.

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