Island hopping in Greece

Napfio, Aegean sea coast

Island hopping the Greek Islands can be an entertaining, enjoyable, fun and rewarding holiday. It is suitable for all ages but would need to be adapted for the less able-bodied. The cost can be reasonable and the possibilities are endless. Here is some advice on Island hopping in Greece for the novice.

There are many islands to choose from. Some are near to mainland Greece. For these you could base yourself on the mainland and hop to and from. The Greek Islands are in groups such as the Dodecanese and the Saronic. You could hop around the islands in a particular group or travel further distances. The choice is yours.

Alyki bay at Thassos island
Alyki bay at Thassos island

To organise a island hopping holiday you have a few choices. You could hire a boat and ferry yourselves around, perhaps staying on the boat. You could book to join an island hopping holiday. This could be a formal booking through a travel agent, with organised stops. Alternatively you could join a small boat which may have a handful of other passengers and a small crew.

For me however the best way is diy ‘Do It Yourself’

Island hopping as a holiday began as a way to experience the real Greek Islands with freedom,and as a local, almost. Most Islands have regular ferry services. Locals use these to get to work or go shopping on the bigger islands for example.

Cape Sounio area at Attica
Cape Sounio area at Attica

If you travel on these ferries you have the freedom to pick where and when, and go native.

Research your islands well. Some are great if you want a peaceful laid back atmosphere with gentle country walks. Others have wild night-life for the young. So think what you want to get out of your holiday before deciding.Check out the Internet when considering your holiday. This will enable you to check ferry timings and prices and cost your holiday. Well at least roughly.

You can probably book through a travel agent. Some visitors will want to know that they have accommodation waiting for them Others will be happy to find something when they arrive. Remember though at certain times of the year the islands will be busy and accommodation, which is good and good value, may be hard to find.

Napfio, Aegean sea coast
Napfio, Aegean sea coast

Don’t pack as you would normally. If you are going to be constantly traveling you need to travel as light as possible.A word of warning also. Ferries can be held up in the harbour for a while if the weather dictates so have a contingency plan and fund. If you can’t make your destination you may have to find accommodation at the last minute.

In conclusion I would say Island hopping is perfect for visitors who like freedom. You can customize your holiday to perfection staying one night here and maybe four nights there. You can choose to visit an Island when it has special celebrations and then move one to another where they are just starting their special event. All Greek island are so different you will almost feel as if you are visiting a different country each time. Some, such as the Ionian Islands are much greener and have a little more rain. Samos in the Saronic Islands has a much drier and hotter climate.The one consistency will be the warm welcome the Greeks give you as they are all equally welcoming.

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