Delphi, Greece – one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots

Delphi, Ancient Greek Theatre

Delphi is one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots, and for good reason. Situated in a spectacularly beautiful location at the southern end of the Pindus mountains, it is about a three hour drive from the capital, Athens.

Home of the famous Oracle in ancient times, Delphi was a place sacred to all Greeks and was especially dedicated to the God Apollo. Rival city states competed to build fine temples in honor of the God and today the remains of about 40 of them can be visited, though the state of restoration varies.

Delphi, Ancient Greek Theatre
Delphi, Ancient Greek Theatre

The main archaeological remains of interest are the Athenian Treasury, the Stoa of the Athenians and the Polygonal Wall, which supported a temple in ancient times and now shows graffiti carved by visitors to the oracle and the shrines over 2000 years ago. There is also the Temple of Apollo and the Theater, a small semi-circular structure, though the remains of this now date from the Roman rebuilding.

Above the Theater a steep path leads to the Stadium, where the Pythean Games were held. Below the road is the Sanctuary of Athena, Goddess of the ancient Athenians. This houses the Tholos, probably Delphi’s most photographed building. If you go there, you will see why! The museum, housing the main archaeological finds unearthed during excavations, is well worth visiting too.

When you finally are tired and feel in need of refreshment, go on to modern Delphi, which lies about a mile away. This pleasant village caters for most tourist needs and has bars, restaurants and hotels.

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