Chios Island – Greece – “The Weeping Isle”

Chios Island – Greece – “The Weeping Isle”

The North Aegean island of Chios is house to a single of the most treasured and rare all-natural products in the globe. Barry travels to the south of the island to witness the miracle of the weeping mastic tree, a phenomenon identified only to this portion of the world.

Barry visits two of the distinctive and gorgeous fortified mastic villages, and gets lost in the labyrinth of streets created to confuse invaders. In the north of the island, he visits the abandoned and haunting hilltop village of Anavatos.


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17 thoughts on “Chios Island – Greece – “The Weeping Isle””

  1. 16:00 wall painting technique is actually called sgraffito and is widespread. Anyway very interesting video didn't thought that mastic resin had and has such huge importance.

  2. I am from northeast of black sea, we like greek people but they dont think same, maybe it s just political..

  3. Mastiha (DamlaSakiz in Turkish) can be found only in Chios Island. In Cesme you can find some mastiha trees but they don't produce any resin. During the Ottoman Empire all the mastiha production from Chios were sent in the Sultan's palace in Istanbul.Mastiha is a POP product. 100% Greek. 100% from Chios.

  4. Great video very informative! I recommend everyone to visit as much of Greece as possible!

  5. Turkish people are using sakiz(mastic)in delights,coffees and etc from ciftlikkoy cesme(izmir)from Turkish land!

  6. yes it is true that rare in the world and also producing in izmir city of turkey we call this island sakiz adasi (chios island)this product given name o this beatiful island!!

  7. Great video. It's one of the best I ever saw about the mastic and the mastic villages Mesta and Pyrgi. Nice to see Vassilis Ballas and to hear his explanation. Also a clear indication to see about Anavatos.

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