Athens beaches – best beach facilities around Athens coast

Vouliagmeni beach

Athens’s proximity to the coast offers a variety of opportunities to people to engage in beach activities while enjoying your stay in the city.  Most beach facilities in Athens are no more than 30-40 minutes away  from the centre, if you take the bus or a taxi. The Metro is also quite useful. While  from mid-June to early September most beach facilities are crowded, with a  variety of sports to engage in, a visit is definitely worth the trouble.

Voula beach
Voula beach

Best beach facilities


Closest to the centre of Athens, only 7 miles away,  is Glyfada beach.


About 12 miles away from the centre and often enough less crowded than Glyfada, is Voula beach.


Further in the south, about 3 miles, is Vouliagmeni beach, which is almost as crowded as Glyfada is, but offers a huge range of beach activities to choose from.

Vouliagmeni beach
Vouliagmeni beach

What is important to note, is that there are nice hotels in both Vouliagmeni and Voula, and of of them have beaches with changing facilities and sports activities. There is usually an entrance fee of $5-7, but considering the activities that are offered for many hours, it cannot be considered expensive.

Beach activities


Sailing is quite popular in the beaches of Glyfada and Voula. Competitions are quite common among adults, and there are even certain sailing events help specifically for children, after some much needed courses. You will be pleased to know that there are companies that hire boats with experienced crew.

Tennis and rackets

Especially in Glyfada, there are tennis courts where you can play tennis with your friends to your heart’s content. Those who do not know how to play tennis, usually play rackets at the beach, in close proximity to the sea.


Canoeing is also an option in most of the beaches in Athens. Small canoe boats are available for rent for an minimum fee of $2 per hour. You can choose between single boats and double boats.

Pedal boat

Pedal boats are also widely used in most of the beaches near Athens. With pedal boats, two people are allowed to sit next to each other and pedal together in the sea. Pedal boats are available for rent for a minimum fee of $3-4 per hour. It is possible to rent a pedal boat for  half an hour as hell, at half the charge.

With all those beach activities, your stay in Athens will definitely be pleasant enough. Choose what suits you best and go for it.

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