36 Hours in Athens

36 Hours in Athens | The New York Occasions

After years of economic turmoil, Athens’s self-self-assurance and creativity are stirring again, with new restaurants, shops and a blossoming of nearby pride.

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10 thoughts on “36 Hours in Athens”

  1. I don't care what people say about the economic and political problems of Greece, and particularly Athens – it is an EXQUISITE city! It's a World Heritage and UNESCO city that is there for the world to enjoy! It's the birthplace of democracy and so many other things that the Greeks gave us. It is absolutely gorgeous with all its monuments everywhere you turn! So, so beautiful, as well as the rest of the country like the gorgeous islands! I know because I've been there several times and it is a breathtakingly gorgeous city and country! Happy New Year Greece! May it be a prosperous one!

  2. I think this country is amazing, Hugs to all people from F.O.P.G. (Former Ottoman Province of Greece).

  3. As any other country that has its problems — whether it's financial or political — will have a time when the people start to rise and have success. Greece looks like a beautiful country with beautiful people. And certainly, many charming restaurants and shops to visit. I can't wait to go to Greece, and get my custom sandals!

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