Historic Sites in Greece: UNESCO World Heritage List

Greece has an abundance of cultural attractions and resources that tourists flock to. Greece’s is the crossroads of cultures and civilizations. Vacationer love to experience the evidence of the rich historic past in Greece. Greece has an abundance of ancient monuments of outstanding value. Continue reading “Historic Sites in Greece: UNESCO World Heritage List” »

Rhodes Holidays – the island of the sun and the island of the knights

Rhodes is another beautiful island of Greece which belongs to the Dodecanese islands, between the Aegean and Mediterranean sea. It is also known as the island of the sun and the island of the knights. Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece with a very long history which starts from the ancient years and lasts since our days. It is the largest island of all in the cluster and capital of Dodecanese prefecture. Continue reading “Rhodes Holidays – the island of the sun and the island of the knights” »

Greek Island Holidays – over two thousand islands to choose from

Greece arguably offers the widest choice of vacation anywhere in the Mediterranean, if not the world.  Apart from the mainland, there are over two thousand islands to choose from although a large proportion of these are only accessible by sea. Continue reading “Greek Island Holidays – over two thousand islands to choose from” »

Santorini Holidays – an experience you will never forget

Most Greeks believe that Santorini is the most magnificent island of all. Massive numbers of people visit this island every year in order to see the waterlogged caldera, the epicenter of what is commonly thought to have been the largest volcanic eruption ever. If you wish to take in the full splendor of the caldera, you should make a point of arriving by slow ferry.

Santorini is the one island I would recommend to those people who intend to explore Greece. However, if you do visit be prepared for unstoppable numbers of tourists. Many tourist book villas in Santorini for longer stay. If possible, you should visit this island off-season. I advise you to bring warm clothing if you visit during any season but high summer, because there is often a chill wind called a meltemi that is specific to the Cyclades. Continue reading “Santorini Holidays – an experience you will never forget” »

Zakynthos, beautiful Greek Ionian island with lovely, sandy beaches

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful Greek Ionian islands. Lovely, sandy beaches as Ag. Nikolaos, Alikes, Argasi, Gerakas and some others attract the visitors from May to October. Swimming, yachting and fishing can be enjoyed in a glittering turquoise and emerald sea. Continue reading “Zakynthos, beautiful Greek Ionian island with lovely, sandy beaches” »

Peloponnese, Greece: ancient Greek sites, beautiful view and clean beaches

If you’re headed for the Peloponnese you’re in for one of the greatest experiences of your touring life. Blessed by a Mediterranean climate and steeped in over 3000 years of history it has everything, except long sandy beaches. Continue reading “Peloponnese, Greece: ancient Greek sites, beautiful view and clean beaches” »

Macedonia, Greece: things to do and see in the largest region of Greece

Macedonia is the largest region of Greece, located in the northern part of the country and extended from Kavala (eastern part) to Grevena (western part). Macedonia consists of 13 prefectures and is administratively divided into 3 sub-regions West (Florina, Kastoria, Kozani and Grevena), Central (Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Serres and Pieria)and East (Drama and Kavala). Visitors who would like to make the round of Macedonia will need several days perhaps weeks to visit the main points. Macedonia offered for a visit at any time of the year (summer or/and winter vacations, travel recreation etc). Continue reading “Macedonia, Greece: things to do and see in the largest region of Greece” »

Delphi, Greece – one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots

Delphi is one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots, and for good reason. Situated in a spectacularly beautiful location at the southern end of the Pindus mountains, it is about a three hour drive from the capital, Athens. Continue reading “Delphi, Greece – one of Greece’s most visited tourist spots” »

Paros, Greece Holidays: visiting a traditional Greek island

Situated in the centre of the Cyclades islands, and with blue skies, clear tranquil sea, and very good beaches, Paros is the very picture of a traditional Greek island.

Parikia, the island’s capital is quaint with sparkling white houses and little streets you can wander around. Many visitors like to stay here. Continue reading “Paros, Greece Holidays: visiting a traditional Greek island” »

5 Great reasons to visit Athens, Greece

Want a city break that offers shopping, entertainment and history? With a nearby coastline offering sun, sea and relaxation? Then try Athens. Continue reading “5 Great reasons to visit Athens, Greece” »

The best islands of the Cyclades, Greece

There are so many islands to choose from in the Cyclades, so much beauty and so much potential experience. The truth is, unless you’re willing to visit each individual island one after the other, you will not get the most out of your Cycladic adventure. Something you can hope for, however, is a truly inspiring trip. Here is an informed collection of some truly wonderful islands that will ensure you get the very most out of this amazing part of the world. Continue reading “The best islands of the Cyclades, Greece” »

Best beaches in Greece: Santorini Caldera perfect for romantic travellers

There is no doubt that Greece has the most wonderfull waters of the world, the aegean sea is the king and the ionian the prince, from Zakynthos with the lighting blue to the Santorini with the magical sunset and Lefkada with the European famous porto katsiki beach one of the best beaches of the world. But if you are the type of the romantic traveller, the option is one and dedicated to the lovers. Continue reading “Best beaches in Greece: Santorini Caldera perfect for romantic travellers” »

Thessaloniki, Greece: main tourist attractions

Mention Greece and the first place most people think of is Athens, a cultural and historical metropolis dating back to the dawn of civilization.

Not to be outdone by her more famous counterpart, Greece’s second city Thessaloniki boasts incredible historical sites dating back many centuries. There are references to Thessaloniki in the New Testament. St Paul’s two letters to the Thessalonians are among the oldest records of Christian literature. Continue reading “Thessaloniki, Greece: main tourist attractions” »

Best mountain destinations in Greece

The mountains of Greece offer a number of fantastic places to visit, especially in the winter, when the temperature is just that little bit too low for swimming and soaking in the rays. As a country, the landscape of the Greek mainland is spectacular. With its awe-inducing and dramatic scenery, dense forests, archaeological wonders and rich history, visitors can get the most out the true beauty of a country, and the soul of its land. Continue reading “Best mountain destinations in Greece” »

Santorini, Greece: a visitor guide

Santorini is one of the more beautiful islands in all of Greece. This town is a great place to go when you want to relax and just get away for awhile. I think with some tips you will be able to have a very memorable vacation there.

You are going to want to stay in a nice hotel on the beach. There are many hotels and villas in Santorini offered but most of them charge exorbitant fees. One that does not is the Hotel Atlantis. Continue reading “Santorini, Greece: a visitor guide” »

Where to get the best value holidays for your money

If you want to figure the best vacation value, you should realize an important fact; the most popular vacation spots are the most expensive, and offer the least value. Continue reading “Where to get the best value holidays for your money” »

Things to do in Patra, Greece

Patra is the biggest city in the Peloponnese and the fourth largest in Greece, a major port, well known for its vibrant economic, commercial and cultural activity. By far, the most famous of the city’s tourist attractions is its carnival, hosting a variety of entertainment activities, which award the Carnival of Patra a place among the top European, even worldwide, carnival festivities. Continue reading “Things to do in Patra, Greece” »

Things to do in Ios, Greece

Ios is an island in the southern Cyclades cluster, well-known for its lively atmosphere, energetic lifestyle and has a reputation for being one of the hotspots for the young who desire endless partying. Yet there are still parts of the island ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful haven to relax in. There are many attractive beaches, and interesting places to visit and while offering a variety of activities to participate in, Ios caters for all types of visitors. Continue reading “Things to do in Ios, Greece” »

Greece for a great family vacation

Greece really can be a great family destination has it has such variety and is so diverse . You will however need to research your choice of holiday destination and also check out the best times to visit . Continue reading “Greece for a great family vacation” »

Tourist Guide to Santorini

Santorini, an erupted fragmentation of what used to be Strongili, is now one of the most beautiful islands among the Greek Cyclades. The simplistic architecture of white and blue domed houses adorns the steep cliffs encircling the caldera. Continue reading “Tourist Guide to Santorini” »

Things to do in Hydra, Greece

Strolling around the picturesque cobbled stone paths and roads of Hydra Town, the capital of the Greek holiday destination of the island of Hydra it is easy to plan your vacation to Hydra and think that you have slipped back into a time warp.  For with cars being prohibited, donkeys are used for transportation so in many ways the traveller is stepping back into a time that is less hurried and stressful. Continue reading “Things to do in Hydra, Greece” »

3 Star Cheap Accommodation Deals in Corfu

Is it possible to find cheap accommodation Corfu, Greece? The answer to that question will hinge upon how hard you look. There are certainly many inexpensively priced hotel and travel accommodations available. A common error that people make is they will book their hotels or rentals without really performing any comparison shopping. Such an approach certainly undermines the ability to find cheap deals. Rather that find yourself in such a boat, it would be far better to be a little more deliberate in your approach to locating a hotel or other rental. Continue reading “3 Star Cheap Accommodation Deals in Corfu” »

Philippion Hotel Santorini

The twenty units built in 1998 in the Cycladic arcitectural style, offer a traditional atmospere with the comforts of a modern apartment. Enjoy the panoramicview and the sunset from the cafe restaurant and a pleasant and relaxing time at the swiming pool. Continue reading “Philippion Hotel Santorini” »

Island hopping in Greece

Island hopping the Greek Islands can be an entertaining, enjoyable, fun and rewarding holiday. It is suitable for all ages but would need to be adapted for the less able-bodied. The cost can be reasonable and the possibilities are endless. Here is some advice on Island hopping in Greece for the novice. Continue reading “Island hopping in Greece” »

Armeni Village Santorini

At Caldera of Oia, with a view to the eminent and idyllic sunset of Santorini we provide 12 apartments built and equipped with the traditional style. All apartments are built on the edge of Caldera, with view to Santorini’s Volcano. Continue reading “Armeni Village Santorini” »

Aigialos Hotel Santorini

Aigialos, in the most desirable location in Fira, quiet and peaceful yet not to far from the hustle and bustle, is a microcosm of the town, a delightful mixture of vernacular and Neoclassical architecture. Continue reading “Aigialos Hotel Santorini” »

Enigma Suites, Santorini

The Enigma Hotel in Santorini is perched on the cliff side of western Santorini, in the heart of ”Fira”. Fira is the capital of Santorini and the main transport hub of the island. Although it gets very busy in summer, it still offers some of the greatest view to the volcano and the famous caldera of Santorini. Fira is almost at the center of the island and serves for easier access and transportation to the rest of the island. Continue reading “Enigma Suites, Santorini” »

CSky Suites, Santorini

CSky Hotel is the Santorini’s Luxury Journey, in Imerovigli Imerovigli is one of the quietest villages with caldera view.  Is located 3 km North West of Fira and looks like an extension of Fira and Firostefani, but is on a higher cliff and is recognized form the strange pop rock Skaros. Continue reading “CSky Suites, Santorini” »

Dana Villas, Santorini – Combine your wedding with unforgettable holidays!

Imagine a quiet setting, a beautiful view, and a traditional settlement cascading down the Santorini caldera .. and all this just a few minutes away from the bustling island capital, Fira. Dana Villas offers luxurious suites in Santorini and an open air swimming pool on the dramatic Santorini caldera. Continue reading “Dana Villas, Santorini – Combine your wedding with unforgettable holidays!” »